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Revolutionize the way your institution operates with our user-friendly, feature-rich Cloud based FREE ERP Solution. Skolite is designed to simplify every aspect of education management, ensuring not only efficiency for educators but also engagement for parents and students.

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Trusted by 100+ Institutions Globally

Explore the diverse community of educational institutions worldwide that have chosen Skolite for their management needs. From schools and colleges to academies and institutes, our client roster reflects the global impact and trust Skolite has garnered in simplifying education management.

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Elevate Your Institution Management Experience with Skolite

Unmatched Simplicity, Reliability, and Affordability.


Streamlined Management

Skolite boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring that users across educational institutions, whether it's a school, college, academy, or institute, can effortlessly navigate and manage daily operations. Our commitment to simplicity means reduced learning curves and increased productivity for educators and administrators.


Secure and Always Accessible

Skolite understands the paramount importance of data security in education. With advanced encryption and regular backups, your institution's data is safeguarded against any potential threats. Experience reliability at its best - Skolite is accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted educational management.


Tailored Plans for Every Budget

Education excellence shouldn't come with a hefty price tag. Skolite offers flexible pricing plans that cater to institutions of all sizes, be it a school, college, academy, or institute. Choose a plan that aligns with your budget without compromising on the quality and innovation that Skolite brings to the table. Affordable excellence awaits your institution.


Transforming Education Management


Multi School System

Skolite's multi-school capability empowers institutions to manage multiple campuses seamlessly. Scale your educational network effortlessly while maintaining centralized control and efficient administration.

Accessible for Everyone

Skolite is designed to be accessible to everyone involved in the education ecosystem. From administrators to teachers, students, and parents, our platform ensures a user-friendly experience for all.

Powerful Configuration

Skolite's powerful configuration options allow institutions to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Customize settings, modules, and workflows to align with your unique educational requirements.

Comprehensive Student Profiles

Skolite captures and organizes a complete student record, providing a holistic view of academic progress, attendance, and extracurricular activities. Enhance decision-making with detailed and organized student profiles.


Controlled Access, Enhanced Security

Skolite's hierarchical employee access ensures a secure and controlled environment. Define access levels for different roles within the institution, ensuring data privacy and minimizing unauthorized access.

Endless Possibilities

Skolite boasts feature-rich modules covering every aspect of education management. From admissions to examinations, finance to communication, our platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance operational efficiency.

Empowering Every Aspect of Education

A Suite of Tools Tailored to Improve Productivity

Explore Skolite's array of feature-rich modules designed to transform education management. From streamlining admissions to simplifying examinations, managing finances to enhancing communication, our comprehensive suite empowers institutions at every step. Elevate your educational experience with Skolite's versatile and integrated modules.

360° Student Management

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Empowering Education Worldwide

Join a Growing Community of Institutions

Skolite is trusted by a diverse community of educational institutions globally, with an ever-expanding user base. Experience the impact of streamlined education management alongside thousands of satisfied users who have chosen Skolite for its innovation, reliability, and efficiency. Join us on this journey of transforming education for a brighter future.

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Words from our Valuable Customers

Truly Speaking the best, cost-optimized & hardcoded ERP script is provided by Scripting. After using 10+ ERP & School Management Systems, I have observed each parameter by checking every small functionality & features for this.

Mahesh Kumwat

Authorized Reseller

Best School ERP I have ever seen.. Really great support and provides instant support as well. Best Development Team.

Have a great future ahead Scriptmint. Looking forward to more updates.

Vishal Khatri

Authorized Reseller

Worked with plenty of authors for my works but these guys are best in term of features, support and code. Very simple to use with many features that a school requires I appreciate the team and also own this software as well, and i would like to suggest to others.

Sahay Justus Antony

Indore Diocese

It covers most of the aspects of any educational institution and more over scriptmint keeps developing it to add more features.

In this price this is really good application. They can even provide customization services.

Mohammad Saifi

Motivational Speaker

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