What our client say about us

My goodness! May I just take this opportunity to thank you on 2 fronts:
1. Your ability to support so fast;
2. Your HIGHLY customizable system and openness on your code!
I just happened to stumble on this as a feature on the Code page. Ironically I had settled for something lesser but I am so glad it was a Featured option since I do not regret about anything so far.

IT Consultant

Rizan Preparatory & Senior Schools, Kenya

Code Quality && Documentation && Customer Support && Customer Service && Design && Overall Design Quality
The is a great product with matching support. the Authoring team have been phenomenal in responding to queries and have shown great initiative with the mobile app version of this application. i cannot endorse them enough on account of the quality of their work. the stand-out for me was the customer support that was courteous, timely - helpful and friendly.
Nuff Respek from Australia!


Beya Academy, Australia